Comprehensive Research Programs

Peiser Marketing designs complete research programs for all types of businesses.  This includes understanding the market from a consumer perspective, program planning tools and methods for in-market evaluation.  This research supports the initial and repeat selling process.

Fractional Market Research Services

Peiser Marketing can act as a full service internal market research department. This allows clients to scale their research programs as needed – from annual, integrated plans to specific projects that address an immediate concern. Peiser Marketing provides a one stop solution to insights projects from strategy, design and execution to implications/recommendations. By using Peiser Marketing’s fractional approach, smaller or early stage companies can obtain the same quality of work as larger organizations without the overhead associated with a fully staffed internal department.

Foundational Research

Peiser Marketing manages research projects that provide an understanding of the fundamental consumer attitudes and behaviors in new and established product and service categories.


Peiser Marketing can analyze and existing databases of research results in order to gain insights into best practices (often called “meta analysis”).  This type of project can be used as a value added service to marketers to make their programs more effective.  The results can also be shared at an industry level to establish thought leadership.

Emerging Data Source/Application Matching

Peiser Marketing can match untapped data sources to business applications enabling marketers to generate new insights.  We work using a 4 step process to match data sources to use cases.