Traditional Focus Groups

Traditional Focus Groups are used to listen to the opinions of a group of consumers; enables consumer participants to build on each other’s ideas during the discussion

One on one Interviews


One on one interviews  are useful when marketers want to minimize the influence of individual respondents on others in a group setting


Shop A Longs

Interview consumers on how they shop as they go to the store to better understand the decision process.

In Home

Interview consumers as they use a product, especially useful for product experiences that are better suited to home use such as household products

Product Development/R&D

Focus group or individual interviews with consumers to provide feedback for product design objectives

Longitudinal Consumer Panels

Longitudinal consumer panels are ongoing regularly scheduled focus group with the same set of respondents.  This is an efficient way to save on recruiting costs and can be helpful in exploring a variety of marketing questions with consumers who have already been introduced to the product