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Qualitative Research

Peiser Marketing conducts all types of qualitative research including focus groups, one on one, shop alongs, in home and ongoing panels.  Peiser Marketing also has expertise in conducting qualitative research for product developments.

Quantitative Research

Peiser Marketing manages research suppliers to design, implement and interpret consumer data using a wide range of methods including:

  • Surveys
  • Marketing Program measurement (controlled store testing, frequent shopper analysis)
  • Media measurement modeling
  • Receipt based data
  • Syndicated POS and household panel data

Strategy and Analytics

Peiser Marketing designs and implements complete research programs for new and established products and services.   Peiser Marketing’s analytic services include insights into best practices.  Both the strategic and analytic programs have been used by our clients to provide industry thought leadership.

Since 1993

Peiser Marketing: Turning Insights into Action

Peiser Marketing’s focus is to turn consumer-based data into insights that drive business results for our clients.   Our insights expertise includes qualitative, quantitative and strategic research tools, but what sets us apart is the ability to combine an understanding of consumer information with a business perspective.  Experience in both insights and business helps us link the consumer perspective to the business perspective.  We find the consumer learning  that addresses the business objectives to develop clear implications and recommendations to achieve business goals.



Next Steps

Whether the business issue is strategic or tactical, Peiser Marketing designs the appropriate research program to answer the key questions.   We’ll start with the “why” – the reason the business needs information to achieve its goals.  From there, we will partner to determine what facts are important to be learned and how to best gather the information from consumers.  So if you are ready to find the insights to achieve your business goals, contact us for a kick off discussion!