Marketing Program Evaluation

This research uses syndicated data to evaluate the effect of a program on sales.  The results can then be used to develop estimates of ROI.  Methodologies include controlled store testing and frequent shopper data analytics.


Survey research has a variety of applications from strategic to tactical.  Strategic surveys include defining basic consumer attitudes and behavior and segmentation of consumers.  Tactical includes feedback on product concepts, product usage, ad evaluation and marketing program feedback.


Media measurement

Peiser Marketing has developed models for estimating the media value for marketing programs not measured by traditional media measurement companies.

Marketing program modeling

Estimate the impact of a future program based on past program specs


Receipt-based data sources

Receipt based information is collected by consumers taking a photo of their receipts which are then read digitally to track purchases.  This information has a wide variety of business applications.  Peiser Marketing has expertise in the most effective uses of this data source.